Set Up I'm watching and really enjoying the new show on HGTV called HGTV On the Set.  They visit the sets of TV shows and talk to the art directors and set decorators about how the sets were created.  I love hearing them talk about how they made choices in order to give the actors tools to use for the external development  of the characters.  There is also the technical bit for set ups, angles and lighting.  And also completely random stuff like the fact that the blue color in Alicia's apartment on The Good Wife was chosen because Julianna Margulies is pale with dark hair.  I think TV sets are particularly fascinating because they evolve over the life of these show.  Movie sets are more snapshots for one particular set of times and characters.  For a TV show, there are always those small things that accumulate that call back to prior episodes.  Things that a viewer can glimpse and make that connection.  Cool stuff.

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