My Big But.

I promised this blog would be about my experiences as I matriculate – see I’m so much more literary already!

So today I start my first residency period at Rancho Las Palmas in Rancho Mirage, California.  So for the next ten days or so I hope to post pictures and a funny story or two about my journey – both literal and figurative.

Yesterday I flew from Newark to Los Angeles.  Montel Williams was on my flight so I figured there was no way God would let him die so my fear of flying wasn’t too bad.  Good start to the trip.

Then I drove from LAX to Palm Desert/Palm Springs/Rancho Mirage.

I stopped at the gas station, in Cabazon across from the outlet mall and the Morongo tribal casino, to see giant dinosaurs.  This wasn’t my first time here, but I feel compelled to stop each time I drive by.  First, because I love a roadside attraction, and second, because I love Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.  “Everyone I know has a big but.  What is your big but?”  I wanted to be writer, but … I was scared, I went to law school, etc., etc., etc.  But, then Mom and Dad challenged me to go back to school and just do it.  So here I am, in the desert, about to start my first residency. (And if you haven’t seen Pee Wee – do.)

Enough deep thoughts, here are some things I know so far:

  1. Climate control in the desert (115 when I got here yesterday) consists of boiling lava hot on the outside and frozen ice-y cold inside.  (Tip of the hat to Jim Gaffigan.)
  2. It makes me happy to drive on Bob Hope Drive, Frank Sinatra Drive, and Dinah Shore Drive; even if half of the locals drive giant black cars like my Dad’s and take up 1.5 lanes on said streets.
  3. While I usually get over jet lag pretty quickly, I am tempted to make as much noise this morning when I am wide awake at 5:30 AM as the people outside my window did when they were wide awake at 11:30 PM. (Side note:  They are already playing Earth Wind & Fire by the pool.  The pool that doesn’t even open until 8 AM.  Weird.)
So enjoy the pictures, and please, for heaven’s sake, do something about your big but.

Welcome to LAX!

I did warn you there would be talk of cheeseburgers


“Everyone I know has a big but.”

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