My first post was titled, “Fun is Where You Find It’ for a reason:  I actually believe it.  And sometimes you stumble upon something so fantastic you just can’t believe your own damn luck.

That is precisely what happened to me tonight.  During an unrelated conversation involving two incredible writers and a cross-Atlantic table tennis rivalry, an offhanded suggestion was made to try the restaurant at the Ace hotel in Palm Springs.

“It’s a diner-y – not too expensive – fun, cool kinda place.”

This totally undersold the evening we ending up having at Kings Highway because tonight was BINGO night.  And not just any bingo, but Sissy Bingo with Linda Gerard.  We knew we were in for something special when she said “Let’s play some f-ing bingo” (my edit, not hers) and then proceeded to fill the gaps in the games with classics from the American song book including Night and Day & Come Fly With Me.  Two things you need to know about Linda Gerard – first, she can belt out those numbers like nobody’s business, and second, she somehow manages to make BINGO totally cool and fun.

Sadly, neither of us got BINGO, but it didn’t even matter.  So if you’re ever in Palm Springs on a Monday – Bingo starts at 7:00 at the Ace hotel.

The one, the only, Linda Gerard.